Fulfilling Social Responsibility through business activities

Part of the SHARP Eco Vision 2050

In 2019 SHARP formulated SHARP Eco Vision 2050, a long-term environmental vision based on its Basic Environmental Policy of “Creating an Environmentally Conscious Company with Sincerity and Creativity,” which was established in 1992.  As part of the SHARP Corporation Dynabook is committed to achieving this vision and working towards realising a sustainable global environment by pursuing long-term goals set in three fields of action with 2050 as the target year: climate change, resource recycling, and safety and security.

Eco Vision 2050

The Sharp Sustainability Report reports on Sharp's CSR efforts, which contribute to creating a sustainable society. Information on Sharp's activities is disclosed within an annual report.

Sustainability Report

Dynabook's environmental & sustainability activities

Environmental Management

Dynabook contribute to achieve sustainable society supplying environmental conscious products and services, and environmental activity to establish low carbon, recycling society in harmony with nature

Environmentally Conscious Product Design

Dynabook provide environmentally conscious products and services throughout their lifecycle, based on energy-saving design, resource-saving design, design for recycling, and reduction or elimination of specific chemical substances by design

Environmentally Conscious Factory

Dynabook reduces the environmental impact, specifically in prevention of global warming, efficient utilization of recourses and control of chemical substances

Green Procurement

Dynabook is running with “Green Procurement” to supply environmentally conscious products to customers using parts, components and materials with minimal environmental impact with understanding of suppliers

Dynabook Global CSR Dynabook Global Environmental Activity