Dynabook announces next generation laptops: The first dynabook branded laptops in Europe

9 July 2019, Neuss, Germany – Today, dynabook Europe announces two new laptops, the Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F to mark dynabook Day which celebrates 30 years of dynabook heritage. The devices are the first to be dynabook-branded in Europe following the rebrand of Toshiba’s computer business in April of this year, and further demonstrates the company’s dedication and expertise in the B2B PC market.

The new laptops are elegantly designed with a range of features to provide seamless connectivity and reliability. They benefit from Modern Standby, the latest 8th Generation Intel® Core™ processor (Whiskey Lake), and newly added Intel® Optane™ Memory, and boast new upgrades including a hardware precision touchpad (PTP) with wake on fingerprint capabilities. In addition, a newly designed fan improves airflow and cooling by lowering fan noise.

Damian Jaume, President of Dynabook Europe GmbH comments “The 9th July marks ‘dynabook Day’ in Japan, celebrating 30 years of the dynabook brand: we thought it would be a fitting time to launch the first dynabook-branded laptops in Europe. As Toshiba, the company launched the world’s first laptop computer in 1985 (the T1100) and followed it up with the world’s first notebook computer – the DynaBook J-3100 SS001 in 1989.

“Now, as dynabook Europe we are launching two new laptops that continue the trend for excellence expected of the dynabook brand, epitomising our rich heritage of over 30 years of innovation in mobile computing whilst signifying our renewed commitment to investment and our enhanced scale. The launch of these new devices demonstrates that our obsession with quality, security, and innovation remains strong.”

Seamless connectivity, premium performance, and established reliability

The latest generation models of Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F are equipped with Windows 10 Modern Standby (MS), an evolution of the Windows 8.1 Connected Standby power model that enables the smartphone power model on a PC, which in partnership with the ‘wake on fingerprint’ feature provides the instant on/off experience that users have come to expect of their mobile devices.

Whereas Connected Standby devices stay up-to-date whenever a suitable network is available, the Modern Standby PC uses any available network connection – WiFi, mobile broadband (MBB)/cellular, or wired Ethernet to remain always on and connected to the internet taking advantage of the S0 low power idle model to limit network activity while in a low power state.

Further improvements for both the Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F devices include WiFi 6 the latest standard providing faster WiFi with more capacity. This next generation of WiFi, based on the 802.11ax standard, is the next step in wireless connectivity that will bring blazing fast and responsive connections and the capacity to handle dense hyperconnected environments.

Both devices benefit from upgraded storage capabilities. Intel® Optane™ enables acceleration of working and data memory, reducing waiting times. Intel® Optane™ storage also learns which functions are most frequently used by the user, from system start to file search to program call, and subsequently accelerates these processes. Frequent work steps are therefore faster, smoother and simpler.

Another key evolution in the devices is the new S-Type fan. This new fan has been developed to provide an improved cooling effect (air volume increased by 10%), while lower rotation speed results in quieter operation.

Finally, The Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F devices are designed to meet the highest standards for security. In addition to their in-house developed BIOS and TPM 2.0, these models support advanced security features such as Secure Launch protection and System Management Mode protection.

The Portégé X30-F and the Tecra X40-F will be available from August 2019. For more information about the dynabook range please visit https://www.toshiba.eu/generic/business-homepage/.


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Published: 09 Jul 2019