Deployment Services

Let Dynabook take care of all necessary steps – from
delivery to a perfectly performing workplace at your site.

Looking to equip your company with new devices but afraid of a complex, labour-intensive and expensive deployment? We offer an array of services to ensure a smooth transition from old to new devices.

Our Deployment Services span from professional on-site installation by experienced technicians to data migration and the dismantling of your old devices. We manage the compilation of required hardware components and offer a scheduled delivery on customer terms, including non-standard workdays and after business hours. Furthermore, we take care of disconnecting peripherals and transferring existing data to your new devices. Depending on your needs, the services can be purchased separately or as combined packages.

Why purchase a Deployment Service?

  • Prevent your daily business from disruptions by getting new assets delivered and deployed after work or on weekends.
  • Let our experienced engineers take care of installations and give your IT staff the chance to focus on higher priorities.
  • From unpacking and inspection to necessary installation and setup operation, we make every workspace ready and won’t leave you to deal with discarded packaging or unrequired stock.

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